At every annual conference, STAN organises science projects/quiz competitions. Each State presents a maximum of 4 students - 2 for quiz and 2 for projects. 
Projects Competition
The National theme for projects is usually given in addition to competitions in the free choice category. Oral and written presentations (3 copies) are required.
Quiz Competition
In the quiz competitions, questions cover up to the SSII Curriculum in Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Studies, Home Economics, Mathematics (General/Further), Physical and Health Education, Physics, and Technology. SSIII students do not participate in the competitions. Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited has donated trophies for the competitions and has been sponsoring the broadcasting of quiz competitions on the network services of Radio Nigeria and Nigerian Television Authority. 
Primary Science Projects/Quiz Competitions
These competitions take place among primary school pupils who are usually fully supported to the conference by State Universal Basic Education Boards. Each State presents a maximum of four pupils (two for quiz, and two for projects). 
Members' Exhibition and poster session
There are opportunities for science teachers to exhibit teaching materials and posters which they have personally made