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Sewage management is the process of controlling waste from municipalities which further assure the operation and needs for keeping the environment clean and healthy. Sewage as a suspension of water and solid waste is discharge to the environment daily due to the excessive use of domestic materials. Sewage, domestic waste water or municipal waste is a type of waste water that is produced from a community of people. The characterization of this sewage waste is base on the volume or rate of flow, physical condition, chemical and toxic constituents, and its bacteriologic status i.e. which organism is present, and in what proportions.
The two portion of sewage, which is the suspension of water and solid waste creates a significant problem which poses a detrimental effect on the health of the people and living organisms living in the environment.
Due to the heavy flow of waste from domestic use and industrial use, controlling it has been the major problem. In our country today, disposal of sewage happens to be one of our major challenges. The proper disposal of sewage waste protects public health and prevents disease as well as water pollution from sewage contaminants. Many modern cities have sewage disposal systems, and advancing technology has allowed for more environmental friendly and healthy solutions to disposing and treating sewage. Some domestic sewage, most especially sewage sludge from septic tanks is disposed in an ideal way.
In rural settlements, separate locations are mainly set aside for dumping of refuse, discharge of feces and other metabolic waste. This method of disposition of sewage constitutes to the increase in microbial load with offensive odour that cause hazard to the environment.
Runoffs soak-away are packed from the septic tank and are used at times as landfill or just dump in an open place. This dumping of sewage sludge from human waste can be processed to form a component of materials used in the making of bricks. Because of its chemical composition and its fermentation, it is suitable for use in Biobricks.

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